Taxation, Accounting, and Corporate Services

Comprehensive Business Consulting

At Leirós Consultants, we pride ourselves on making a difference in advising and supporting your business in all its tax, accounting, and corporate needs

Comprehensive Tax Consulting

Holistic tax consulting: Our tax services for businesses are designed to meet your regulatory compliance and tax consulting needs. Our tax experts use their diverse perspectives and skills to provide a comprehensive global service. We are at your disposal wherever you need us.

Our holistic approach encompasses:
  • Developing sustainable tax strategies based on technical and practical knowledge, as well as commercial and sectorial experience.
  • Deep understanding of regulatory compliance and accounting, and the application of proven and tested methodologies for effective financial reporting.
  • Evaluation, improvement, and supervision of processes, controls, and management of risks related to the tax function.

Accounting Consulting

Our accounting consulting focuses on ensuring that companies maintain their accounting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and current legal regulations, with the aim of ensuring that each company’s accounts accurately reflect its assets and financial situation.

We offer in accounting consulting:
  • Official Accounting according to the General Accounting Plan.
  • Preparation and Legalization of Official Books.
  • Annual Accounts Deposit at the Commercial Registry.
  • Official Closing of your Accounting, optimizing Tax Benefits.
  • Feasibility Plan.
  • Preparation of Accounting Reports.
  • Business Plan.
  • Budgetary Accounting.
  • Comprehensive accounting consulting.

Business consulting

Our business consulting offers comprehensive support to corporations, family businesses, and other legal entities at different stages of their activity

We specialize in:
  • Planning, design, and advice on the establishment of specific legal entities (companies and venture capital funds, non-profit organizations).
  • Design and implementation of corporate structures.
  • Business reorganizations (mergers, spin-offs, asset contributions).

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